iPhone 4 Review and Thoughts on Upgrades| Global Good Technology

The iPhone 4 has kept the crowds and apple fan boys buzzing for the past year but has also opened peoples eyes for what they are looking for in future smart phones to really seal the deal on being our one stop devices for everything. Many people and followers of apple and smartphones in general…

XML.org – Advancing Open Standards Through Online Communities | Global Good Technology

XML ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XML ), is an important format of information that allows businesses from around the world and in different industries and different computing systems to communicate and do business electronically and automatically in many ways. XML is already a major part of many of the technologies you use from several websites, to desktop applications,…

Sustainable Silicon Valley – Promoting #SiliconValley and #GlobalGood

See what Sustainable Silicon Valley is Up to in #SiliconValley http://www.sustainablesv.org/events/news They are a Great organization to help out with. You can donate to them /civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=1″>here: They are active and involved check out this event: Sustainability Leaders Forum: A peer-to-peer solutions lab event hosted by NetApp In Honor of their movement the G.G.G. has established…

Examiner.com San Jose Small Business Column on GGG | Josh Bois

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Going Global From San Jose: Your International Startup Business Guide

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