3 Reasons Why The ‘Playbook Tablet’ Failed

Blackberry’s Playbook tablet was one of the most fancied launches of 2011. For all the hype surrounding this launch, the ‘Playbook’ ended up being one of the disappointments of the year 2011. Infact, it was thought of to be the game changer for the falling brand value of Research-in-Motion’s Blackberry services, but it ended up […]

XBox Kinect making technological progress with innovative outlook and new practical applications

XBox Kinect is making some great progress with their product and introducing the whole system into new markets. While watching youtube today I came across an Xbox Kinect video advertisement that featured everything but video game playing. The XBox kinect is Microsoft’s venture into the main stream market and more importantly deeper into our home […]

I Spy With My Little Eye…

Ah, God bless CCTV. Without its huge and pivotal role in our closely monitored society, we would not be able to while away the hours watching YouTube videos of people soiling themselves in lifts, falling off escalators and having drunken, poorly concealed sex in the street. Attribution due to Hank Grabe, mediaspin.com under Creative Commons Attribution […]