Globalization Curing Its Own Ills

Globalization has been an ongoing process for at least the past century, but it seems to be rapidly accelerating today due to the influence of the Internet and especially of social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. This has ramifications not only for the global economy but also for global politics and international […]

Optimizing Your Business with Contract Authoring Software

Any successful contract management software system must include an efficient contract authoring component. This aspect of contract management software provides control and automation to the development of contracts—helping both business management and a company’s legal team. An effective contract authoring software solution will expedite and manage the authoring process, significantly reducing time to contract, while […]

Sony Finally Releases Information On PS Vita Memory Card, Game Prices For North America

Sony Entertainment has made every gamer’s Christmas that much sweeter by finally releasing information on the software, accessory and memory card prices for the North American release of its new gaming handheld, the PS Vita late Thursday night. John Koller, Sony Computer Entertainment America hardware marketing director, said Sony will start selling their Vita games at […]

BundlePost: The Key that Unlocks it All

Very rarely does a tool come along that not only improves your daily life, but changes it for the foreseeable future. Facebook for example, brought together over 750 million people onto one social platform to share, engage, interact and catch up. Similarly, Twitter has been equally instrumental by unifying communities, creating political revolutions and bringing…

Blackberry Releases new Phone Models

After barely surviving Apple’s veritable onslaught of technologically-advanced and aesthetically-appealing phone products, BlackBerry has emerged out from the darkness to show that they’re not dead yet. They have done this but offering the 7 series of smartphones. Sleek and powerful, the phones all boast sophisticated touchscreens, BlackBerry’s brand new “7″ interface and operating system, liquid…