Startup Business Tips – Using URL Aggregators For Domain Ideas

Before you can begin truly marketing your business online, you will need to choose a URL that is proper for your company. Many company owners have a great deal of trouble with this as they soon discover that all of the generic names for URLs have been taken or cost a great deal of money…

Design responsive e-mail marketing campaigns with GetResponse

This post brought to you by GetResponse Email Marekting. All opinions are 100% mine. Thesse days it is becoming really important that you understand responsive email design so that your e-mails can work on multiple platforms. People are increasingly using their cell-phones and tablets everywhere they go and making sure that you can reach them effectively there…

SMS Text Alerts providing mobile marketing for global entrepreneurs

Mobile Marketing For All Entrepreneurs Whether you are a start-up or run a successful legal or health office the new service available from mobile marketing firm is something to sign up for. The social media integration with Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts makes it easy to collect phone numbers from your fans to later…

Analytics And Optimization

  Key Features Advanced TrackingEnterprise level features give you the ability to track nearly every aspect of your traffic such as keywords that brought the traffic your website and where the users went while on your website, for howlong, which content they consumed most, and even sometimes what link they left from.Automated ReportsDon’t have time […]

Mobile Phones / SMS

Market Your Company on Mobile Phones Mobile Marketing is a high growth advertising channel, where market share are still relatively inexpensive compared to other media platforms and channels. Key Features Get Your Own Shortcode Keep your clients and partners updated with easy to access five digit text message numbers. You can get your own dedicated […]