3 Modern High Tech Fridges

If high tech gadgets are your thing and you like your world contemporary and modern, these fridges will suit your kitchen and lifestyle. Boasting the latest technology and gadgetry whilst also aesthetically pleasing to the discerning eye, these are just the tip of the iceberg in what technology is bringing to the world of household appliances.

Beko – £304

Beko CF5834APB
This stylish Beko CF5834APB black fridge/freezer looks simply amazing, almost art – this would look great in a modern kitchen. It features an eye-level fridge above the freezer compartment, and the doors are reversible, making adjustments for extra space easy. This frost-free fridge/freezer has 3 fridge shelves. Its single manual thermostat controls the temperature by dial, and another aspect some people overlook is energy consumption – this has an impressive energy efficiency grade of A+. Avaible from Tesco online.

Whirlpool ART4775 – £469

This is an integrated fridge/freezer designed to fit into a cabinet space. Its superb styling will be a consistent look throughout your kitchen as it is subtly concealed. Like the Beko, it has a reversible door opening for flexibility in your kitchen. The fridge has a big storage capacity of 159L with 4 shelves. The freezer also has a big capacity of 95L and features 4 drawers. Rated ‘A’ in the energy efficiency rating with a 4* freezer rating, this fridge is also eco-friendly. Other features include auto defrost fridge, a fast freeze section, plus 3 adjustable shelves.

LG Smart Manager – £2000

LG Smart Manager
This is at the top end of the market, a stunning fridge that spearheads the world of appliance technology. This clever fridge features a touch screen and camera, and amazingly it has an internet connection, enabling it to connect with shopping services such as Ocado. You can scan barcodes of items, and the fridge monitors stock levels and automatically adds items to an online shopping account. Stuck on what to cook? Well, let the fridge suggest recipes based on the ingredients you’ve got left – simply amazing.



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