3D Printing now coming to personal desktops

3D printing – now it is personal and affordable

The 3D Printing Revolution has begun, and in case you are not familiar with what 3D printing it allows many products to be custom made out of just powders. Basically imagine starting with nothing and designing a 3d mockup of a product or something you want in your house then clicking print. Soon this technology will become more and more affordable on a personal scale. There are likely to be more and more personal 3d printing technologies along with online 3d print shops that can mail you your product after. This may allow us to recycle materials better and goods printed. The video below is quite interesting and brings up these same points such as the benefits of being able to print closer to the destination. This can save our world in terms of carbon foot print from shipping by being able to print more locally and more customized to somebodies actual needs.

In the future you may be able to cut down on your shopping if you can print items at home. Now you can print plastic, glass, and metal products; but perhaps in the future we will be able to print much more!

These day there are open source designs out there for you to operate and buy your own 3d printers.

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