3M Privacy Software Protecting Homes and Businesses With Webcams

3M’s Webcam Security Software – Monitor Home & Office On The Go

The day and age of super expensive security systems being the only way to get medium levels of protection at home or at the office may be slowly fading away. With all sorts of great home automation technology and personal security hardware/software dropping in price and general availability it is becoming easier and easier to protect yourself.

Recent software from 3M, the global product company, will utilizse your webcam to protect your computer against unauthorized use. It sounds like something out of a movie or some secret spy technology but it is real and it is here! When you are not by your computer and an un-authorized face approaches your computer, the screen will be blurred and also take their picture and alert you of the contact breach! Even when you turn your head to the side, if it does not detect you in the close area it will start to blur the screen. Perhaps not as good for watching movies from a far, but perfect when you have sensitive data and many people coming in and out of your residence, business, or perhaps the un-expected!

You can always turn this software off and/or customize it to your needs to that it remains a practical form of security that you can rely on and count on all of the time. It is quite funny that I ended up a part of this 3M product marketing campaign, because I am actually an ideal user of this software. Literally the past several weeks I have been looking at motion detection software using my web cam for a quick and easy way to protect my home while gone and alert me of anybody else there when I am not! It is much easier to figure out this software then to use the security system built into most apartments, and even such there aren’t cameras and recordings when you do have those security systems! When used in conjunction with other devices like a security system, technology like this is perfect and can even aid law-enforcement in finding out who was in your place, especially if something was stolen!

Let me know if there are any specific questions you guys have about this technology or how to implement it! I downloaded it and used it and have with other software in the space (with the webcam) and will be reporting back to all of you Global Techers out there!

There is no risk! Download a 30-day free trial of 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software

Learn more about 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software  

When the software is combined with a 3M™ Privacy Filter (physical filter) true 180-degree visual privacy is possible.

Download software and enter your activation code (VX7J-3CVJ-AyW2-X4PQ) to start your 30-day trial
-The software requires a webcam, which dictates the field of view.

-Currently only available for Windows OS

-This software has certain webcam and OS requirements.

Don’t forget to try out this awesome software and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M. All opinions are 100% mine.

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