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4 Fantasy Game Apps for Your iPhone

These games will challenge your imagination and test your gaming skills to the limit. Go beyond the regular games based on Flash templates and take your favorite games on the road. The many possible levels of skill achieved and explored rest with those talents and abilities that only you know you possess, until now. Share your triumphs and travails alike with the online gaming community. Your iPhone is your ticket to worlds past, worlds below and worlds beyond with four fantasy games that promise hours of entertainment. With friends like Bahamut, Carol, Aragorn and Lucca at your side, how can you lose?

The Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Defense

The Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Defense will challenge your strength and courage like never before. In real fantasy life, once a member of the Fellowship of the Ring, there was no turning back for Frodo, Samwise or any of the other gallant fighters of the Darkness as epitomized by Saruman. They never had the option of leaving Isengard just because their battery life was exhausted. With all of Middle-earth at stake, can you really afford to leave your post just to answer the phone? You know what our heroes are up against.

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III puts you square in the center of the action as one of the chosen. The power of the crystals explains it all. This is a game that never lacks for imagination. No need to worry about being downsized out of your position here. The groundbreaking job change system assures you of your career stability. The varied job choices offered to you as a budding super hero enable you to select your individual task in the battle against those pesky powers of darkness. The ennobling quest empowers your gaming skills as never before.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is the role-playing adventure for the iPhone that transcends time and space into infinity and beyond. Lucca’s Telepod has transported Marle way into the past. Only Chrono has the moxy to bring her back. But before he can there are many tribulations to conquer. He must battle the wicked Magus in eternal conflict. But it’s all good cause somebody’s got to save the planet and it might as well be you. You control the fate of worlds past, present and future. The conflicts of all the ages hinge on your ability as the badest gamer on the iPhone platform. See you around the vortex.

(Where the) Wild Things (Are)

(Where the) Wild Things (Are) the iPhone app will free you from the boring tethers of reality. It is refreshing to enjoy a whimsical moment with Carol. The beloved book turned movie turned app is now available to carry with you always. The real game is to return to our non-fantasy world but is there really any reason to? With Wild Things in your pocket you are empowered like never before to overcome the drudgery of existence.

Based out of Potomac, MD., Byron Johnson loves to play games online and develop websites using Flash templates and his own code.

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