New Western Digital 160GB external lighted HDD.If you own a small business, then you know how important it is to have a reliable data backup plan. One of the scariest things for today’s businesses in our technological world is the thought of losing important data and information that could bring your business to a halt. Here are four practical storage solutions for your small company, and reasons you can benefit from them.

1) Portable Transfers

One of the easiest, most reliable and portable ways to store your electronic data is using CDs, DVDs and USB memory cards or “jump drives.” These backup methods allow you to store important files while making it easy to transfer documents between computers.

When you are transferring or storing files in this manner, make sure you have an updated security application so your computers are protected from viruses. Separate media like CDs and DVDs ensure that if your hard drive ever fails, you won’t lose everything in one fell swoop.

Since this method of storage can be time consuming, you can seek the help of companies that specialize in duplication manufacturing. Providers can range from serving international business needs to the demands of local companies seeking media manufacturing from providers like Atlanta or San Jose business services for example.

2) External Hard Drives

Less portable than CDs, DVDs and memory sticks, an external hard drive can provide a bigger space for collections including photos and music libraries. This is a great option for backing up your data on a daily basis. If you have several small computers in your business, you may want to invest in external hard drives for daily back up of each system.

3) Cloud Storage

One of the most popular data storage methods of today is the “cloud.” This is a remote data storage option in which your files are transferred to a remote location where you can access them from any computer, whenever you have Internet access. If your hard drive fails for any reason, you can retrieve your data from the cloud.

Most online storage services offer data encryption for secure data transfer and retrieval. This option also has the potential for unlimited space, depending on the type of storage you pay for. Some plans also include automatic back up to the cloud so you don’t have to remember to back up files at the end of each day.

Storage4) Network Attached Storage

Suitable for small and mid-sized businesses, network-attached storage (NAS) provides fast, simple data storage and access in an IP networking configuration. NAS lets multiple computers share data over an internal network, making it easy to manage and distribute information from one central location.

Skimping on data storage is probably not the best place to save money for your business. It behooves you to invest in a reliable storage system. No matter which option you choose, remember that no method is fail proof. Your best bet is to employ multiple data storage options, so if one back up system breaks down, you still have access to all of your data via another method.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and small business owner. She understands the urgency of using multiple forms of storage to back up data. While researching various duplication companies, she found San Jose business services to offer CD and DVD digital media storage for the multiple back ups she has accumulated over time.