4K Video Production On A Budget


Produce 4K Videos On A Budget

Technology seems to be getting better and better these days for less and less, it is like the laws of computing for processors are being applied to just about everything. Years ago you would buy an expensive DSLR with a 1GB video card and be high tech, now you can go around shooting 4K for just a few hundred dollars, and so with great style. Today we introduce the new Sony Action Cam that shoots in 4K and is a hand held ready for video production or extreme environments for the ultimate adventure showdowns!

Whether you are just getting into video production or a long time respected producer, you will likely have heard about shooting video in HD and potentially at this point 4K. The new 4K trends are making their way to TV’s and cameras that are becoming affordable to consumers in a way they never were before. Although 4K has been around in the high-end industry segment such as for commercials and movies it is finally making its way into mainstream. 

When you are trying to produce quick viral videos or even high-quality adventure videos there are some important factors to have in order to make it successful and accessible. The new Sony Action Cam can help you to achieve some great results for your video productions. Built in features like GPS, live view remote, and 170 degree wide angle allow you to stay in tune with your video, get all of the action at once, and easily organize the footage based off of shoot location. Perhaps one of my favorite new features is the Steady Shot Image Stabilization where it can help to save you from some of the blur that is known to happen from hand-held video where tripod use is not available.

4K means shooting video at 100mbps making it smooth, gorgeous, and full pixel. You can easily zoom in on different sections and now you can eliminate many of the extra cameras you used to have to have for B-roll or closeups and can take the shot once!

Some of the videos below show you a little taste of what you can produce with this camera using these features. My favorite is the spinning video where you can see the live view remote tool.

ARTICLE BY: Josh Bois, Global Entrepreneur

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