BeerAlthough Apple and RIM have caved in to pressure from regulators, you can still find a few apps in the Google Play store that will make it easier for you to avoid getting stuck in a DUI checkpoint. These apps can be extremely helpful for people who have been drinking, and they are also a valuable resource if you are on a tight time schedule.

However, it is important to remember that even the best apps will not always include every applicable DUI checkpoint – bottom line, not a good idea to drive when you’ve been drinking in the first place.

1. Mr. Checkpoint – This free app has the highest rating of all DUI checkpoint apps available in the Google Play store. Therefore, anyone who wants to reduce their risk of being caught in a checkpoint should definitely add this app to their phone.

2. Checkpoint Wingman – This highly rated app provides drivers with the option to receive a noise alert from their phone when a new DUI checkpoint is reported within a specific radius.

3. Sobriety Alerts –
Users of this app who sign up for a paid subscription will receive text messages to alert them of any current or planned DUI checkpoints in their general area.

Beer Here Lupulus4. DUI Savor – If you want to avoid DUI checkpoints, you should consider downloading the DUI Savor app. As an added bonus, this informative app contains everything that you need to know to help you properly deal with the situation if you do end up being stuck at a checkpoint.

5. PhantomALERT – You can avoid speed traps and DUI checkpoints by downloading the PhantomALERT app.  Additionally, this app is designed to warn you about dangerous intersections and curves in the road.

Even if you have all of these apps on your smartphone, it is still possible that you could get pulled over for a DUI. According to this Powers McCartan, DUI lawyer Charlotte NC firm, not every case is the same and having legal representation in your corner for a court hearing is essential to make sure you aren’t hit with the toughest consequences a judge can hand down. Remember that reining in any tendencies to overindulge in alcohol is vital during the holiday season because of all the extra checkpoints in place.