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Advertising on Twitter for small business


Advertising on Twitter just became self service and cost effective

These days advertising on Twitter has become a reality and ad impressions in front of millions of users is another tool at your disposal. If you remember back to the past year or two Twitter had only opened up their traffic flood gates to major Fortune 500 type brands that could afford a sponsored tweet campaign costing upwards of $60K or more. Now the story has changed and Twitter is offering several different methods of connecting to your target fan or customer. They offer the ability to put very minimal budgets think hundreds of dollars behind ads to promote yourself instead of needing a major ad budget.


Forms of Twitter Advertising

1. Promoted Tweets – help you reach more people across many demographics

2. Promoted Trends – show up top of the list as a trending topic

3. Promoted Accounts – build a strong follower base for your brand


Whether you are looking for branding and having your companies name or product reach as many people as possible or conversions from tweets Twitter has an option for you. Unlike Google Adwords or even the relatively newer Facebook ads, Twitter has yet to prove its effectiveness as an advertising platform. It is an interesting and different type of ad than most networks because of the very fast paced nature of twitter where tweets are coming and going every second. Perhaps more interesting is that unlike Facebook ads or Google ads where you have space for an image Twitter Ads are heavily reliant on text. You will want to make sure that you have a really good copy editor; the success of your campaign may rely on them. The actual landing page that you send people to after clicking on the twitter ad may or may not need to be unique to that text campaign to be effective.

Well Global Techers please let us know how your twitter ad campaigns go or your thoughts on advertising on Twitter!


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