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Anonymous is back at it hitting Paypal and Symantec

Anonymous hitting close to home with hacks on Paypal and Symantec

Just when you may have started to feel safe again, Anonymous strikes again, and this time closer to home. The only banking system known as PayPal that has taken the world by storm has been at the end of a hacking spree by Anonymous. It is very scary to hear about PayPal being hit hard as it has all of our social security numbers, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and banking information, not to mention our credit and debit cards. It is the gateway for conducting business online, and Global Good Networks enjoys using it as a cost effective International platform for accelerating business deals.

Our world is getting smaller through the use of technology and we have to protect ourselves. In my opinion the worst thing is that our electric grid will soon be connected over the internet using Cisco switches designed for it, a product hackers know all too well even if it is in a different setting. We must be very vigilant  and active at protecting our nations infrastructure, every country needs to be. These days with the increase in technologies like cloud hosting that make it easy to have a forceful power against anybody, cost effectively and fast it is getting more difficult to stop people.

Perhaps we need to look at some of the reasons people are hacking and stop those root causes, obviously that is not enough but perhaps it can help stop the political side of some Anonymous attacks and make people not want to in the first place.

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