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Apple is now the most valuable company in history

On Monday, Apple’s stock rose to a staggering new high, making it the most valuable public company of all time. The tech giants market share (the price of its stock multiplied by the number of outstanding shares) soared to $623 billion in trading today. Shattering the previous record of $618.9 billion set by Microsoft on Dec. 30, 1999 at the height of the dot-com bubble. The rumors over the past few weeks about a new iPhone, smaller iPad and a feature rich apple TV have driven Apple’s stock to an all time high of $664.74 per share. This is a staggering achievement for a company that was worth less than $10 billion in 2004. Just three years later they shot up to $100 billion. Since 2007, Apple has been an unstoppable force in the industry. It’s iPhone business alone now brings in more than all of Microsoft.

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