Today marked the start of day two in the trial between Apple and Samsung as opening statements made by Apple depicted the company as an underdog in the phone industry and came in and changed the game. Harold McElhinny, a partner at Morrison Foerster, started the case for Apple by saying the company had bet the farm on the iPhone in 2007, and competitors (though particularly Samsung) proceeded to copy it, leading to big profits and lost sales on Apple’s part. “Apple had absolutely no name in the field, no credibility. (The iPhone) was an entry that had it gone bad, could have ended the company’s future,” McElhinny said. “On January 9, 2007 when Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller went through that presentation, they were literally betting their company.” Apple’s main argument today was showing pictures of Samsung’s products before and after the 2007 iPhone came to market. “How did Samsung get to here in 2006 to here in 2011?” McElhinny asked, while showing Samsung products released during those years.