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Software maker ArcSoft has now crafted a great way for you to touch yourself up with some extra new technology. What can this new software do? It allows you to take a special one of a kind portrait of yourself and apply some super trendy makeover style and fine tune your facial details.

Whether you are looking to improve some of your own personal P.R. shots prior to putting them online at your favorite social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest or just want to look your best for your family photos we recommend checking this out.

Not only does this app work on the new Windows 8 but there is also a Perfect365 iPhone app.

This means that whether you have full access to your new Microsoft Windows tablet or you are on the go with your Apple iPhone you can make sure to always look your best and tweak your potential makeovers so you know what you want when you get to the salon.

With International distribution this is something that you can utilize anywhere in the world to always look your best and put out the photos.We think that this can come in handy next time you have a big date or a business meeting and want to find exactly what you can do to really shine. 


Don't forget to check out the: free Perfect365 Windows 8 app





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