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If you were waiting for us to bring you the latest in high-tech then you were waiting in the right place because we are bringing your the next generation of home phones today. When we were initially approached to work on this campaign for ATT and try out their new phone then blog about it we were already quite excited. 

What we didn’t realize is just how usable and cool these phones actually are! As soon as I got it I had to open it and start toying with it. It plugs in the same way as any other phone but already shows you instantly how much more powerful and useful it is. The handsets all have the ability to take calls from your cell phone! SAY WHAT? Yes that is right, you can connect this homephone system to two different cell phones over bluetooth and take the calls that way. So if a call comes in your cell or you want to transfer it to the homeline without having to actually call in that third line you can with ease letting you keep your phone synced and charged in another room.

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As we run a business here at Global Good Networks and are working from home quite often, it is essential that we have fast access to all of the communication tools we can get. This technology gets even better, it also will alert you of texts, e-mails or social media updates that you get if you have the Android system. Personally I have not tried this feature yet as I have an iPhone but soon we will be getting a GGN Android and will have many more reviews for you! If you check out some of the pictures we attached you can see the cool interface on these phones and how they are sized as compared to a cell phone. They can be your perfect companion for inside the house to ensure that you are always available wherever you are. Again I cannot stress how great these features are of being able to hook into your cell so that when you need your phone to charge or it is in the other room  you still have access to business calls!

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There is also a phone book with the capability to store 6,000 cellular phone book entries right from your cell phone so you don’t need to manually add them! I don’t know about you… but we get a lot of spam calls in the form of telemarketers, fax machines, etc that we don’t want to tie up our time and this phone system even has a feature for that. The CLP99383 actually tells you who is calling outloud so if it isn’t important you can let it ring or hangup fast so it isn’t distracting you while in thought! There is also a USB dock on this system so you can charge your cell phone while you take calls on the handset!

Below you can see my business partner Rick going all out with our new mobile connectivity sponsored by AT&T!

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Check out the CLP99383 and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out the video about this below!


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