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ATT Microcell enabling mobile business executives

ATT Microcell lets you get full cellular signals in your house or business

The beautiful thing about this device made by ATT is that where you may have only had a bar or two of service you now have a full five bars. For me, cell phone service had become a critical issue. As I do quite a bit of business from home when the office is not a realistic working option I rely on using my cell phone for many calls. Unfortunately in the location I am at there is poor service, at least for my iPhone and dropped calls were the norm for about a whole year.

Soon after some research I found that there may be something out there to help resolve this major critical business pain. I turned to google which soon helped me find the Microcell. They have these devices available for other carriers as well and even third parties outside of cell networks sell similar devices to improve your signal. Generally the third parties cell products that help boost the cell phone signal by repeating it, this however sends your cellular data through your internet network which really helps speed things up. They call it the 3g compatible and it has worked so well for me ensuring all of my data and voice needs are handled perfectly and I get very high quality calls now.

This device works great with iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 for me and I have not yet tested it on any other phones.

Check it out directly on ATT’s site: http://www.att.com/standalone/3gmicrocell/?fbid=sac37PWntXA

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