Build Your Ranking with S.E.O. – Search Engine Optimization Services

Increase Your Market Visibility and Benefit From Organic ( Non Paid) Traffic


Key Features

Understand not only where traffic is coming from and which search engines but what keywords and specific phrases brought them. This can help businesses refocus their SEO & Marketing energies most effectively.

Time Saving Abilities
Custom reports and other key factors delivered right to your inbox at set intervals in an easy to read document can help you get a solid grip with your team on current and future objectives, goals, and projection management.


Reduced Maintenance
A carefully planned SEO campaign can mean less and less future work with SEO making your life easier as you only have to manage your position once you are at a high desired level.

Low Costs
Other competing firms charge thousands of dollars just for initial consultations and reports. At C4C we beleive in transparency in our services and explain exactly what services you get at each turn and why they cost what they do. Oh, and our prices? – Only a fraction of those elsewhere, *but the same level of quality you would expect.*

Optional Services

Weekly/Monthly Ongoing Consulting
Keep your marketing team focused with weekly and monthly consultations from C4C Media about your current position and rankings, objectives completed, monthly goals and projections, and much more.

Linking & Ad Campaigns
Have us constantly get your site linked to and back from as well as get your flash and graphical banners onto relevant websites.















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