Bye Bye Traditional Transistors Hello Nanowires

Nanowires for smaller technology devices


From science fiction to reality – nano style

As if scientists hadn’t already accomplished enough this year we are now looking at some new quantum leaps in our ability to create the next generation of technology.

Where nanometeres are concerned, old transistors used to only be 1 nanometer per transistor. Manufacturer would place these side by side to create some interesting such as a sexy iPhone or other tech device.

Now they are coming up with the technology to completely out due that. Rather than having single transistors sitting there not being as productive as they could be they are essentially creating columns that hold multiple transistors and slightly stick out from the chip. 50 nanometers per transistor is what a single transistor used to be so these are still very tiny sizes you cannot even see with your bare eye. But what you will notice with your bare eye is devices getting smaller and more powerful with technologies such as this.

Seeing as a nanometer is one millionth of a meter scientists were getting to the physical limit of how small they could get some devices and this new breakthrough helps to change that and give us a big leap forward.

Let us know your thoughts on this new technology in the comments below and keep us in the loop on other great finds you hear about in the technology and science community!

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