Check Out LG G2’s OIS Camera ‘Chicken Cam’


Check out LG G2’s OIS Camera ‘Chicken Cam.’

>If you haven’t already check out or seen the LG Chicken Camera then you definitely have to. It takes you on an adventure with an inventive and creative videographer that wanted to capture video from a new source. Looking for a new way to shoot video he decided to shoot video from on top of a chicken, the “chicken cam” or as he calls it, the “gallus cam”. 

You follow this chicken as it goes on a BMX ride, even jumping out of a helicopter. Other adventures include the chicken on the front of a speed boat enjoying the wind, capturing video from the very front. They take it to the next level with the chicken filming at a concert and being filmed going into its own little movie studio trailer! Very funny stuff, anyways ultimately you are led to seeing LG’s new camera smartphone that has image stabilization and can keep your video steady even when you are doing some pretty crazy things.

This is great because not only is there software adjustments you can make to video to make it more stable, but having actual hardware built in is always better so that the software side just adds icing to the cake!

Personally here at Global Tech Spot we love LG along with their commercials over the history of their smart phone promotions and think this is probably one of the most creative that we have seen yet. Our favorite thing that the video campaign has done is make us laugh and take you along the journey for fun adventures such as BMXing, jumping out of helicopters and more which you don’t get in your average smartphone commercial where all they do the whole time is just talk about a boring feature.

Seeing as we love videography, this phone may be the perfect complement to help us film what we love on the go! 

Don’t forget to check out some of the Chicken Cam from the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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