citrix-logoAternity is the best in the business of providing monitoring services for IT departments. Citrix monitoring is effectively used by Aternity to facilitate their systems. Their services can offer your firm the assurance that the performance management is available to provide visibility into end user behavior. You are able to monitor user issues before they call the help desk, improving communication. One of the desirable things a firm can gain from using Aternity is reduction of business disruption.

Another is increased end user productivity. Constant monitoring forestalls disruptions by observation of patterns in user problems to help predict difficulties. The patterns can inform Aternity and your company about the source of difficulties, allowing them to be corrected or modified before the disruption occurs again. Aternity provides complete customer service by both telephone and Internet. They also provide documentation to customers if so needed.

This enables your IT department to know exactly what they are dealing with. The system can be fully installed without a great deal of difficulty from a central console, tightly linked to your systems. Excellent educational resources to train your employees are provided by Aternity.

Webinars, demos, and printed brochures provide a great deal of information for you and your employees. Our experienced professionals will also make appointments with your company and go through the ramifications of our systems.