COOL TECH: The Ready Out Of The Box Makism Wideboy 3D Printer

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If you are a tech lover as I am, then surely you will have heard and already been intrigued about 3D printing. The possibilities are truly endless with applications ranging from commercial to medical, industrial, or residential among others.

Makism 3D Printers

Now if you hop on over to the Makism 3D Printers, you will soon find out that this has been designed and built in the UK, how cool right? They also have an entire family of products that you can check out. The design of these are elegant and their sizing shows you just how endless the possibilities are with plenty of space to create items.

Makism 3D Products

Perhaps the most exciting part about the 3D printers being in the press is you get to hear about all of the unique ways that people are applying this technology. For example, I recently wrote about how major online stores are utilizing it to create orders for people on demand completely customized to them. But more importantly, last and definitely not least, the fact that 3D Printers save lives. There’s a story on UberGizmo  about how they made a custom breathing device for a baby that couldn’t breathe due to bronchus.

Anyways this makes me want to see what interesting value I can offer the world. There are a lot of really easy 3D programs out there that can simplify whatever you are trying to create. Even if you need a professional there are all sorts of engineers and 3D experts that can work with you hourly. There are many ways to have a cost effective solution to getting a design that will allow you to materialize your craziest invention in person!

Will hopefully get the chance to play with one of these sweet tech toys and seriously practical inventions. Til then, stay tuned for more from Global Tech Spot!



Interested in checking out some of their products? Explore them here: Makism 3D Products


Let us know your thoughts on Makism, you can go to their about us page to learn more about them here: 

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