Dell will be  adding two new touchscreen devices to its extremely popular XPS line of laptops. The XPS 10 is a dockable Windows RT tablet, while the XPS Duo 12 Ultrabook swivels between tablet and laptop mode. Dell’s XPS Ultrabooks and laptops have always been given outstanding reviews for their sturdy hardware and excellent performance.  At just 3-pounds, the XPS 13 Ultrabook is portable enough by any standards, but if it is something even smaller and lighter that you are looking for, the new XPS 10 and XPS Duo 12 are a perfect solution. The Dell XPS 10 TabletThe XPS 10, is a 10-inch tablet. Instead of running the x86 version of Windows 8, it runs the tablet-optimized Windows RT and is powered by an ARM processor. The XPS 10 will be considerably less expensive than other tablets or laptops running Windows 8 and will also be much thinner and lighter than the competition.