Balance Book for iPhoneThe developer of a new app that generates tattoo designs on your iPad or iPhone has put his program to the test: he got a new tattoo with one of his app’s designs. Instattoo, as it is called, is geared for people who do not draw. The user simply picks a pattern, design, style and size and then manipulates it until it is to his or her liking. The user can then print out a high-res version of the design from which a tattoo artist can make it permanent.

Instattoo primarily creates tribal tattoos, so if that is the style you are going for, you’re in luck. And, since you can rotate, resize and change the elements around, it is unlikely that your design will be duplicated, making your tattoo a true original.

The app costs just $4.99, so it is an affordable and fun way to create your next latest and greatest inked work of art. The only downfall is that you are limited to tribal styles. Maybe as the app grows in popularity, new designs will be added.