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Do Women Excel at Blogging?

BLOGGER LADYAccording to the Pew Research Center, women bloggers outnumber men by 2.9 million, and they are also more savvy at turning their blogs into money makers. For example, the owner of the Mel’s Kitchen Cafe blog was able to turn her idea of an online recipe exchange into a viable source of income that enables her to be a stay at home mom. There are currently at least 3.9 million bloggers who have children, and approximately 500 of them are considered to have a high level of influence over their readers.

The secret for each successful female blogger has been to select a topic that they feel passionate about. Additionally, they need to provide consistent quality and publish new entries on a regular basis. When you combine these basics with the drive to look for large sponsors, it can be relatively easy to generate at least a few extra dollars every month.

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