Google Robocar Racetrack RideAutomotive technology has changed a lot over the past decade, and this has allowed consumers the option to purchase hybrid and electric vehicles that are more environmentally friendly. Another aspect of the industry that has changed is an increased emphasis on using lighter building materials while simultaneously improving the safety performance of each vehicle. One of the most exciting innovations that has come out of these combined goals isĀ Google’s driverless car.

According to Google, their driverless technology has been extensively tested, and their vehicles have logged more than 435,000 miles. During that time, their fleet has only been involved in two accidents, and neither was found to be the fault of the driverless technology. Google representatives have indicated that driverless cars could be available to the public within five years. This technology could have an amazing impact on road safety. After all, drivers who are tired or intoxicated will no longer need to make the decision about whether or not to get behind the wheel, and that will benefit everyone.