Airbus’ Parent Company EADS Electric Plane

When you are looking for an adventure in the sky you can do so with electricity rather than gas. The latest in aeronautical innovations is this new sleek plane that can ride in the sky completely with electricity. With a top speed of 200 miles per hour this plane has some aerobatic capabilities which are powered by a 193-kilowatt motor engine. You can fly for about an hour if you are only going 110 mph and not thrusting too much. Also there is a small electric motor that can get the plane going around 35 miles per hour while it is on the pavement at the airport still.

With a wingspan of over 31 feet and a max weight of 1,200 pounds you can have some real fun with this. Although it is light, it is heavy enough to handle a little bit of wind and glide around the skies for a while. You can fly using only 20 kilowatts of energy on each side which will pull from the last charge you hooked it into. This can be a great idea for pilots wanting to be eco-friendly and not have to smell the fumes of gas!

Perhaps this may also be safer than regular planes which run the risk of blowing up due to having gas!