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Global warming is one of the critical global problems evolved in recent times. If Global warming is not controlled in quick time, it may bring disasters into our beautiful world. Most of us think that a worldwide systemic change should be brought to fight against global warming. However, everyone can contribute toward this battle against global warming by taking some steps to reduce carbon footprint. You can use your iPhone as a great tool for reducing carbon footprint. Let us discuss some of the best iPhone apps that help you reduce carbon footprint.



This app uses the accelerometer of your iPhone for analyzing the environmental impacts resulting from your driving practices. With this app, you will get enough tips on how to decrease fuel consumption and cost to improve efficiency. It will guide you about how to moderate acceleration and choose an efficient cruising speed. You can buy this app for your iPhone at $5.99.

Clean Energy Fuel Finder

If your car runs on liquefied or compressed natural gas, the Clean Energy Fuel Finder will help you in finding the nearest service stations. This app employs a GPS system to direct you to the service stations.  The Clean Energy Fuel Finder app is available for free.

Green Outlet

Green Outlet helps you reduce your household electricity consumption. It allows you to identify the appliances that consume most of the energy. The reduction in electricity consumption helps in saving the planet as well as your money. Whenever you exceed the carbon usage, as recommended by the US government, Green Outlet provides alerts. It also connects you to TerraPass.com, where carbon offsets can be purchased. You can buy Green Outlet at $0.99.

Light Bulb Finder

Are you still using the conventional light bulbs? The Light Bulb Finder app allows you to switch to energy-saving light bulbs. You can assess and compare the prices, savings and environmental impacts of various light bulbs. You can use this app on your iPhone without paying a single penny.


If you are a businessman, CarbonTrack may prove to be a great app for you. You can easily monitor the daily CO2 emissions of your company. The emissions are categorized on the basis of cause: electricity, waste, and travel. With this app, you can present eco-based information in corporate meetings. CarbonTrack is available for free.

Just Science

Just Science app allows you to draw your own conclusions on climatic changes. It has a user-friendly color-coded map that displays recorded changes in atmospheric temperature over past several years. This app draws information from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature data. Just Science not only tells about global warming, but also shows the effects of global warming. This iPhone app is available for free.

Google Maps

Google Maps is not a dedicated “green iPhone app”, but it can assist you in finding the shortest driving routes. Google Maps app helps you in avoiding the wastage of fuel, and hence, saves your money. You can get this iPhone app for free.

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