Facebook will Use New Design To Sell Your Information To Potential Advertisers

The new Facebook design is hard to miss.  I have had the current ’new’ design for a little over a month, and have noticed some drastic changes.

Facebook.com now shows a timeline from ‘Birth’ until present, ultimately documenting an individual’s lifetime via the Facestream.

Unfortunately, as cool as it may seem that you can now remember the good times and the old moments that we have lost in time, there is a huge price that we are paying for giving Facebook the ability to record and document these events.

In the past Facebook utilized user’s input to better determine which advertisers would best suite the end user, but now that information may already be in Facebook’s hands before we even allow it.

Ultimately Facebook is time-stamping and recording a person’s trends and traits to better optimize and monetize their giant engine, which may or may not be ‘Globally Good’.

What do you think?  Let us know below in the comments section.

Signed, Rick Jeffries

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