Fighting Back Against Cyber Crimes

With the recent attack on Fox News and other organizations by hackers, many people are wondering how safe their information is online. Well now people can breathe easier because many countries have come together to create The International Cyber Security Protection Alliance or ICSPA for short. This new alliance includes governments, international businesses and law enforcement agencies, including Europol. McAfee and Trend Micro are some of the companies in the alliance. UK Prime Minister David Cameron had this to say about the alliance: “Our government has already injected an additional £650m to help improve our national infrastructure and protect against cybercrime, but the very nature of this threat calls for more than a national response; it demands a truly global response and that is what the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance is all about,” He also went on to say:”ICSPA’s goal is to improve international law enforcement capability and capacity to help protect businesses and their customers against this unprecedented threat.”This new organization will be a not-for-profit with funding coming from the EU and a number of other governments. Lets hope this alliance is enough to stem the recent flow of cyber attacks.


Don't Get Hacked!
Don't Get Hacked!

Photo Credit: cubicgarden


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