UntitledIn today’s world, Americans seem to do everything with their smartphones. We manage our work and social calendars, kids’ schedules, get directions, monitor our calorie intake, and even record our workout achievements. With technology at our fingertips, if you are looking to ramp up your athletic performance or kick your workout up a notch, here are some apps and tools that may make achieving your exercise goals simpler.

1. GymAware

The GymAware app for iPhone is a great tool for coaches. You can record a whole team of athletes in your phone (which syncs with your online account) and monitor the progress of each person. You can record such stats as body mass and performance times for each activity under each individual’s name. This app makes it easy to manage, analyze and share the data, too.

2. RunKeeper Pro

This app is for serious athletes. You can track your progress running, cycling, hiking, and skiing. Complete with GPS technology, RunKeeper Pro will track your route, speed and other workout notables. Upload data to your online account and see the history of everywhere you’ve run, biked or skied – complete with elevations. You can also post your activity to Facebook and Twitter right from the app.

3. Lose It

Keep a workout journal and food diary all in one place with the Lose It app. For every food type you enter, you will be able to see an accurate calorie count, carbohydrate value, fiber, fat, sodium, and protein amounts. This handy app even tells you how many calories you have consumed, how many you have burned and how much more food you should eat that day.

Over time, view a graph of how much weight you have lost to track your progress and keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals.

4. FitnessBuilder

With over 200 workouts, this app is sure to keep you busy, and well worth the investment of $9.99. It has more than 2,000 images and videos as well as fitness timers and tracking capabilities for all your exercise efforts.

My buddies Josh & Tarikh from Uncommon Projects are working on some super slick "what happens when you mount your iPhone on your bike" apps.  First up = Bikenik (coming soon).  Think: Nike+ with handlbars :)5. NutritionTips

No workout plan is complete without good nutrition. This app can tell you all you need to know about the foods you eat such as how much protein, calcium and iron are in oysters. NutritionTips has a colorful display that is fun to interact with –complete with “tip of the day” facts to keep you educated about the foods you eat.

6. Bike Cameras

Using a bike camera can be an excellent way to retrace your performance after you complete your workout. By using a camera, you can add an extra layer of protection to yourself by capturing events that may just include your bike. Many Houston auto accident lawyers have been relieved when actual video has been able to be entered as evidence in court.

Bike cameras come with a vast variety of options to chose from. Selecting the perfect one for you will take a bit of research.

Our country is obsessed with technology, weight loss and working out. If you want to get into better shape, and eat a healthier diet, these apps and more are at your disposal and many of them are free for your iPhone or Android. You already use your phone to manage everything else. Why not integrate your workout and nutrition plans as well?

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