Five Top Android Games for You to Download

Android phones are becoming a seriously competitive gaming platform. More and more of the games are console worthy titles that are a serious challenge to handheld dedicated gaming platforms like the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita. Here are some of the best titles.

Five Top Android Games for You to Download

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

One of the greatest games to grace the Playstation 2 is now available on Android. The visuals and scale of the game may not compare to that of Grand Theft Auto 4 on the PS3 and Xbox 360, however the gameplay stands the test of time and the visuals are some of the best you can place in your palms.

Be aware, while this game may stake a claim to be the greatest game of the last decade, it is also the first game mentioned when the topic of gun violence is mentioned, and that is only one of a series of elements to this game which makes it strictly for over 18s only!

Modern Combat 4

Are you a huge Call of Duty, Halo, Killzone or Battlefield fan who develops itchy trigger fingers on the go? Modern Combat may be the answer! The closest thing to any of the top first person shooters available on your console, but you could have guessed that with a title that bears close resemblance to Modern Warfare, the subtitle of Call of Duty 4, the success of which spawned a best selling sequel and a plethora of other first person shooter titles looking to compete.

Asphalt 7

Android’s premier racing title, featuring a wide range of cars, tracks and nitros infused boosts. If you were a fan of the Burnout titles, then this will be for you. The game features 60 cars and 15 tracks, meaning plenty of variety in machinery and courses. Of course you won’t be able to choose your favourite car to start, you will need to unlock, hence feeding the addiction.

For a game with stunning visuals and great depth, you will be able to purchase previous Asphalt games for much cheaper than the $4.99 for the latest title, in fact Gameloft has even been offering some titles for free!

Football Manager 2013 Handheld

The best selling football manager simulator is released for the 2012 – 2013 season on Android. Updated teams, but with no major overhauls of the original Android version. Tweaks here and there mean the game is a decent improvement, but at £6.99, a high price for an Android game, you may consider sticking with the original if you already purchased that.

Cut the Rope

The mobile platforms of Android and iOS have always been a great place puzzle games due to their relative lack of development costs compared to graphically superior action games or racing games. This makes for a lower price point and a game that lends itself better to the smaller Smartphone screens than games more normally associated with home consoles.

Cut the Rope involves feeding your pet monster a piece of candy by cutting a rope to allow the candy to fall. Of course various obstacles make this more difficult as you progress through more than 300 levels. The game encompasses two important ‘Angry Birds’ style traits, a cute little monster, and simple physics based gameplay.

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