Four Must Have Pieces of Technology for Your Horse Box

Horse boxes are so much more than just trailers in which you carry around your horses when you need to bring them to various competitions. In fact, a horse box is not a trailer; it’s a motorized vehicle that’s usually of a great size that will fit different horses for transport all over the country. Depending on your budget, needs, and wants, you can purchase a box that features just the basics or one that has very fancy amenities for people as well. Here are four pieces of technology for your horse box.

Internal Cameras With Sound

You’ve invested a lot of money into your championship horses, so it’s only natural that you should want to monitor them even when they’re in your box. You should definitely invest in an internal horse-area camera that has sound; it will allow you to see if your horses are doing well without stopping the motorized vehicle and getting out to check on them. Such a camera system will cost you about several hundred dollars.

Satellite Navigation System

Not just for cars anymore, a satellite navigation system is a good piece of technology to invest in. You can’t afford to get lost on the way to a competition, as it will cost you precious amounts of time and money. As mentioned by Empire Coachbuilders, installing a satellite navigation system in your box will help you find your way if you’re driving along an unfamiliar stretch of road in a part of the country you’ve never visited before.

Night Travel Lighting

It’s a good bet that you will be doing a fair amount of driving in your box, even at night. In fact, driving at night is even preferable to the daytime because temperatures are cooler and the roads are less congested with traffic. According to the team at Empire, by installing handy night travel lighting in your motorized vehicle, you can keep your horses calm and also let other traffic on the highways and byways see you with greater clarity, thereby increasing safety for everybody involved.

Horse Shower System

Horses can begin to emit unpleasant smells if they’re not regularly washed or showered. Carrying them around in your motorized vehicle is no excuse for them not to be bathed. Installing a horse shower system in your box allows you to efficiently and regularly hose them down and keep them looking their best. Such a system involves simply showering the horses with a movable spray gadget, much like a detachable showerhead. Systems like this cost only a few hundred dollars and are a good investment if you’re frequently on the road.

These are the four must have pieces of technology for your horse box. Nowadays, these motorized vehicles are outfitted with some of the latest gadgets in order to make the lives of the people – not just the horses – very comfortable as they travel from competition to competition. Though you’ll have to spend a little bit more money to install these pieces of technology, it’s well worth it. After all, when you’re on the road, comfort is king.

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