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Four Useful iPhone Apps You Should Try Today

The pace of technology is hard to predict, with breakthroughs and advances occurring at different rates, during particular periods in history.  Some time periods are marked by spikes in innovation and technological advances that make entirely new things possible.  The transition from radio as a primary broadcast signal, to television as the in-home standard, for example, shows just how drastic the playing field shifts at times.

It is easily argued that we are experiencing another heightened explosion of technology, which seems to be maintaining its pace for decades on end. Computing power, in its consumer sense, is only a few decades old, harkening to the early days when PCs were novelty items.  As public consumption of computer technology paired with technological advances making more things possible, personal computers started finding their way into more and more homes in the developed world.

Useful iPhone Apps

No one could have seen the meteoric propulsion of computing technology moving from desktop computers, to laptops, to tablets and ultimately into the high capacity hand-held computers we carry with us today.  Smartphones are the new standard, and apps continue to add to their flexibility as mobile computers.  iPhones, for example, continue to push the envelope of what’s possible in mobile applications.  The new Apple 64-bit A7 chip is a cutting edge design bringing unfathomable computing power on the road with users.  For smartphone users, certain types of apps form the cornerstone of functionality, including some of these user-friendly tools embraced by many mobile customers.

Smartphones have evolved far beyond simple communication devices replacing telephone handsets.  The modern versions, like iPhone possess enhanced features that cover other daily tasks, as well.  Cameras are important components on modern smartphones, opening doors for budding amateur photographers and others quick to take snapshots.

iPhone photographers enjoy a powerful camera feature, which is made more so by this photo editing app.  Cropping images, adjusting exposure, and rotating the perspective of images are made easy by the photo app.  Standard filters are included, and the app allows for customization through purchases of additional features. Importing and exporting images is easy, and tweaking temperature and image quality are accomplished with only a few clicks.

Google Maps
Navigation is a huge app category, prompting several worthy map applications for iPhones.  Google Maps is unquestionably the most comprehensive location and navigation app; furnishing a go-to add-on, which you are likely to use more often than most of your other apps combined.

Address features and its familiar turn-by-turn directions are hallmarks of the Google Maps app, furnishing options that help you avoid traffic slowdowns, find bike trails, and locate yourself and other things in unfamiliar environments.

This popular app is used for a wide-range of personal functions; including file-synching capabilities that bring users together.  The app continues to evolve, leaning on its popularity and brand recognition; established over years as an effective synching program.  Music and other files are easily shared between users.

Managing businesses contacts and associations has been a primary function of LinkedIn, since its inception.  Still a powerful business networking tool, the social media site’s app extends the utility to mobile platforms, giving iPhone users additional ways to link up.

An interest feature of the app, called CardMunch, enables users to create business contacts by simply snapping photographs of business cards.  In today’s paper-free society, storing client and colleague information this way eliminates the need to keep track of scraps of paper and business cards; consolidating them into a manageable format for easy access in the future.  The feature also adds the profile of the name on the business card, provided that person is a LinkedIn user.

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