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FTC says Facebook must have “express consent” before sharing personal information

The FTC this week has said to Facebook that they have to have “express consent”  before they share any of your personal information outside of its pre-written privacy settings. Facebook now must provide users with “clear and prominent notice” anytime your information is shared. The ruling also forces Facebook to keep a “comprehensive privacy program” maintained and subject to biennial privacy audits. This process began back in November of 2011 and today is the last day that Facebook has to comply with the ruling. Each violation will cost Facebook up to $16,000 a piece. The investigation began back in 2009 when people from a privacy watchdog group started complaining and saying that Facebook was sharing personal information without users knowledge or consent. The agency’s commissioners issued a joint statement today which read in part as follows. “We intend to monitor closely Facebook’s compliance with the order, and will not hesitate to seek civil penalties for any violations.

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