Protect Yourself and Your Data Worldwide

Whether you are in the USA and getting blocked at work, school, or in a hotspot zone like Starbucks from the sites you want to go to or you are across the world having these problems we have the perfect solution for you. IPVanish offered a great VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) solution which allows you to securely connect to their servers which allow you to then visit the resources you want no matter where it may be. 

Here in the USA we are mostly unblocked from important resources but many people that travel or live in countries such as in Asia have heard of the “great firewall of China”. It is not a physical wall but basically a block on many websites that you may want to visit whether that is Google or Facebook which promote the free flow of information. Our world is growing due to people being able to have access to everything and collaborate. Websites such as Wikipedia help people learn and were at Global Tech Spot, a Global Good Networks firm, we are major supporters of open information exchange. 

For under $10/month you are able to get all of these blocks removed no matter where you are in the world which is important. Perhaps even more important for the casual surfer or business person is the fact that this security service protects all of your data online since it is going through a private internet tunnel.

If you enjoy downloading things online with Peer to Peer (P2P) programs such as Bit Torrent then you will also want to make sure your traffic is secure by going through a system such as this so people are not tracking you. This can help to provide some anonymity to what you do. 

Mobile devices are welcome to, you can use major protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP which mean that devices such as your laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android device and tablet, or other smart device is likely to be able to connect with very little effort. Next time you are at a Wifi hot spot don’t forget to turn on your IP Vanish to protect all of the information passing through your laptop to the internet. You can also protect yourself from all of the targeted marketing that is using your data and change your location of what server you are connecting to. This means that you can make it seem like you are in Africa or the United Kingdom, even when you are at a Starbucks in New York… just to further give you some safety.

Those trying to take your online identity and data will have a much harder time doing so since you are funneling it securely using this connection. With over 7,000 IP addresses available on 100+ servers in 43 countries you are sure to be able to be safe anywhere in the world that you are traveling. Next time you book a trip don’t forget to spend a few dollars on IP Vanish as well, it is likely going to be the most cost-effective item on your travel list!

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Official IP Vanish VPN Website

Official IP Vanish VPN Website