Automate your life from your iPhone and iPad

These days there are so many apps out there to do just about everything you need but what about making your life easier while at home in the real world? Obviously you can handle your banking, e-mails and other practical things such as task lists from your device but there are some even more practical things you can now do.

Adjust and monitor your AC, Entertainment, and Security

While just sitting on your couch you can actually adjust your entire house from the comfort of your couch. Pull up your iPad, iPhone or Android and have the shades go down to cool the house and turn up the Air Conditioning. Not only can these automation solutions make your life easier but they can save you a lot of money. By making sure your lights go off at a certain time or that they are only on when they sense you in the room, you can reduce your monthly energy usage. It is a fact that the ability to turn your lights off while you are not home can be used to save you money. If you log in from work and see that all of your lights are on and turn them off, it will no doubt save you money on energy but also increase the lifetime of those bulbs.

Get notifications of break-ins or important events

Whenever there is a somebody on your property that should not be there you can be sent an alert. The alert could be in the form of a text message or a pop up notification, e-mail or however you would prefer. For example when some motion is detected on your property from a motion sensor or even a video camera you can be alerted and have a window pop up and give you a view of the camera. If you are at work for example you can control your home from the ease of your laptop or desktop but other devices like iPads ( tablets ) or just handheld mobile phones will work as well.

It doesn’t stop at just automating your home. Entire businesses can be managed from the same mobile device so that you can shut off all of the lights of your business whether you are there or not to save on energy costs. The same goes for government organizations, and may make even more sense. A lot of government buildings are locked down after a certain hour and people are not supposed to be there anyways so there should not be anybody there anyways. If they need the lights on they can turn them on manually and after an hour or two it turns off if there is no motion sensed.


Some firms help to provide International Automation Services to integrate things for your home, business or government organization.


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