Goodbye, Points? Why Microsoft May Move Away From MS Points With the Xbox One

Is it truly goodbye, points, as in Microsoft Points? For a time, there was speculation that the software and video-game giant would move away from MS Points when Xbox One, the company’s latest video-game system slated for release in the fall of 2013, hit store shelves. Now, the world has confirmation that, yes, it truly is goodbye for Microsoft’s currency system. At the company’s presentation during the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo, it announced that it was finally doing away with the system of Microsoft Points and was actually switching to real money for its customers. As a result, will not be an option.

A Much-Criticized System

Microsoft Points are a system of currency that have been criticized quite frequently in the past. What made this criticism more significant and not ignorable was that some of the company’s own hardcore fans and customers were big critics of this system. The general consensus was that the system was not well thought-out or even implemented by the company. Microsoft Points are the currency of the Xbox Live Marketplace, and one of their chief criticisms has been that they are misleading customers in terms of real-world cost. In addition, the fact that users sometimes had to buy more points than really needed at any given time also contributed to the criticism.

Move Away From Microsoft Points

Now that the Washington-based company has officially confirmed that it will move away from these disparaged Microsoft Points, many are wondering what new system the company has in store to replace them. For the Xbox One, Microsoft has a more real-world approach planned in terms of the currency system it will use. At the same Electronic Entertainment Expo, the company announced that it would move to real-world currency purchases. The old and much-criticized system of Microsoft Points would be phased out by fall of 2013, when the Xbox One is supposed to hit store shelves.

The Xbox One

The announcement of this move away from the current system of Microsoft Points and into real-world currency came on the heels of the company’s unveiling of the Xbox One, which is the company’s latest entry into the console wars involving Sony and Nintendo. The Xbox One is Microsoft’s contribution to the 8th generation line of consoles. Microsoft’s latest video game console will go up against Sony’s new offering, which is the PlayStation 4, and Nintendo’s new offering, which is the Wii U. Sony’s new system is expected to hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2013, while Nintendo’s was already released in November of 2012.

Microsoft has announced that it will completely move away from Microsoft Points, its frequently maligned currency system for the Xbox Live marketplace. In its place, the company has announced that it will be switching to real currency as part of its support for the Xbox One, its latest next-gen console. The company is responding to oft-repeated criticism that its old Microsoft Points system was unfair and deceptive to its consumers. Time will tell if the new system will be better received.

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