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Google Panda and Penguin – Giving a bad name to cute animals



We all love Pandas and Penguins, jut not the Google kind right?

These days Google is on a streak of naming their products after some of the cutest things ever! The only problem we see is when things go wrong. For example, one of Google’s Android operating system versions was named Ice Cream. 

I don’t know about you… but I LOVE ice cream! To this date I myself have never owned an Android device but I’m sure there were quite a few people who owned one with Icecream and had some problems. Does that make you like Icecream itself any less? Likely not, and hopefully not, but there is a chance.

Is it fair for Google to give cute animals a bad reputation?

Well there are some people who ended up on the good end of Google’s recent search engine updates and others who ended up on the wrong side. Some business owners lost their shorts, probably literally too, because of the update while others likely sky-rocketed to young millionaires because of their improvement of the ranking and their new competitive edge. Many blog owners may not have noticed a thing and that is fine.

Online, if you are connected to the SEO world at all like we are at Global Good Media you know many people who have found a way to bring Google Panda and Penguin into many of their daily mentions whether in a sales call or explaining these items to a client.

It just frustrates me, a lover of Panda Express and all pandas at large, and of course penguins too for that matter, to hear people say nasty things about it. Google, this is a question for you, will you please only use cute animal names in places that they are not likely to be smacked around by mad people? I hate people saying mean things when the word panda or penguins are in it, they are such cute creatures.

Icecream, Pandas, and Penguins Rejoice

My rant is over, and I want Google to know I think their product names are very clever and I appreciate your usage of something other than a boring technology name like X2 or something for these updates but hey, be nicer to these animals!

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