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Google planning to cut Motorola staff by 20%

Motorola has been losing big lately, posting losses inthe last 14 out of 16 quarters and in an effort to stop the money  hemorrhage Google plans to cut 20% of Motorola’s Mobility staff. Over the next several months about 4,000 positions will be cut, mostly over seas and 30 facilities will be closed or consolidated. The company also plans to “shift its emphasis from feature phones to more innovative and profitable devices” they said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange commission. Google took over Motorola back in May when it purchased the company for 12.5 billion dollars. Google announced the plans for Motorola to investors this week warning that it will take several quarters for revenue variability to level off. It will cost Google at least $275 million for the restructuring and severance costs but they hope the cuts will lead to sustainable profitability in the future.

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