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Google Search vs. Siri – which is better?

Google Search vs. Siri – which is better?

With the new Google Search application coming out, one can only begin to wonder if it’s superior than the almighty Siri. What a lot of people forget is that Siri was made to be more of a personal assistant, as opposed to a system that you talk to like Google Search is. The voice that comes with Google Search doesn’t really have a name, which is one of the things that people loved about Siri. Sure, Google Search may sound less robotic when you get down to things, but is sounding a little robotic really such a bad thing when you’re talking to a phone?When you really think about it, that’s the one thing that set Siri apart from all other search assistants. Sure, it may not have pulled up search results faster than the Google Search app, but you can see that it put more time in to what it found for you. After all, information can be virtually worthless if it’s not presented correctly, and that’s something that I’ve noticed between the two. It seems that the Google Search app can definitely pull data quicker than Siri, but is it the same amount?

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Downloading Speeds

What people often forget is that with everything you download, the functionality and appearance of it directly corresponds to how many kilobytes, megabytes, or even gigabytes that you are going to have to download right then and there. When Siri downloads a picture that is twice as clean-cut, functional, and fully colored, it is going to essentially have twice the loading time.

Speed + Accuracy

Now there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Google Search is superior when it comes to speed and accuracy. The only thing that can really be argued at this point is Siri’s quality over Google Search’s, and when it comes down to it, Siri is obviously superior in that field. But now comes the question that everyone has more than likely been waiting for. Is that level of detail really that important when it comes to a simple search result?

Searching + Results

Well, it really depends on what you’re searching for. If you’re looking up something because you need a specific amount of information, generally you will include that in your search result. As an example, if you were looking for “How old is Santa Claus”, you wouldn’t just look up the word Santa Claus. The same principle applies here, generally if you want to know specifics about the subject, you’ll ask for them. The next question is does the speed really matter?

Does Speed Really Matter?

Well, when you’re talking about the difference between these two machines, yes it does. Put simply, it’s really what sets these devices apart, (besides the minimalistic qualities that no one really cares about). Google Search is faster, we’ve already established that. Siri sounds a little more robotic, which is awesome, but if it’s something that you aren’t really that interested in, then Google Search may be more for you in the longrun.

There is, however, one more thing to keep in mind everyone. Google Search pulls its results directly from Google, and narrows them down to the information that you asked for. This is definitely awesome, but here’s the thing: You could simply use Google to find the information that your “amazing search assistant” is getting for you right then and there. Siri does not get all of its information off of Google. It actually goes through Apple databases, (as well as Google sometimes), to find the specific information that you need and display it for you. It’s not as quick, but it’s definitely more efficient when you think about it.

Avid Google users will not mind it using Google all the time, because really it just saves them the time of having to type it out. It’s pretty much the same argument of texting or talking, except a little more justified. You can save time not only by using Google Search, but by how fast it grabs the results for you. You don’t have to load the page, you don’t have to search for what you are looking for, all you have to do is ask and be served.

The Results

So to answer the newly brought up question, there is really no clear victor of the search assistant battle of the ages. It really comes down to what you both like and need as a person. According to the numbers, Siri is still on top and enjoyed by more users. It may be because they gave Siri a more personal feel, which is something people still enjoy today. You need to keep in mind that it has also been released longer than Google Search has, so opinions can definitely be changed in the time to come.

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