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Do you have internet service but no cable? then you probably heard about Hulu. is a website where you can watch almost any show for free. the only catch is that you have to watch a short ad either before, during, or after your show.

Well now the LA Times is reporting that google might be looking into adding hulu into its ever growing portfolio of companies. Google isnt the only company looking to purchase Hulu though, other big names such as Microsoft and Yahoo! have been mentioned as having interest in the growing company. If keeps growing the way it is, we could have a bidding war on our hands pretty soon. Microsoft makes the most sense though, because Hulu would make a fine addition to its Xbox Live services. Google already has youtube, so i do not see why they need another video site. Whoever buys the company, i hope they dont change a thing about that great company. (Photo Credit: / Written By: Izzi Mtabo

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