Google’s Doodles and Special Logos – Who Makes Them?

If you are like many you use the Google search tool quite frequently and have also most likely been to it on a day where they had customized the logo. On special days they often change their logo to remember a certain cause or person or theory that has importance. Sometimes it may be remembering the birthday of some famous scientist or even inventors of things like the game pacman ( they had a pacman game on google one day for remembering pacman’s birthday ).

The idea for changing their logo initially came when Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted to go out to Burning Man Festival but needed to leave some form of themselves back at the office or on the site to show what they were up to or that they were out of the office. Now the idea has been extended after they initially changed the logo that first time to include burning man’s official iconic stick picture popping. People often enjoy the Google Logo doodles and usually will click the google logo itself which will return a google results page with information and articles about what Google’s logo represents on that day.

Today Google’s logo is an old tv which shows I Love Lucy clips from top episodes with a little sound button as well for music. the TV has several stations and really is a testament to Googles creativity and uniqueness. Keep it up google!

Read More on Mashable: http://mashable.com/2011/08/03/google-doodles/

google celebrates Lucille Ball’s 100th Birthday: http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2099931/Google-Loves-Lucy-Lucille-Balls-100th-Birthday-Celebrated-with-Google-Logo

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