The launch of the universe’s first polished titanium phone has now arrived, Gresso the luxury phone maker, is at the head of this new phone. Known for high end collections such as the Grand Monaco collection, the World Time and Avantgarde collection they are in the upper tiers of cell phone makers and luxury products at that. This phone is as sleek as it gets and quite thin as well.

The $2500 price tag may be the same cost as 4 or 5 new iPhone 5’s but this will definitely stand out. The photos we have show foreign characters along side the numbers signalling that this may likely be a world phone for multi-lingual executives that want to keep things simple while traveling or taking major business calls on the go. We are not sure exactly what software this is running which does not seem to be Gresso’s main concern even though these days it is one of the biggest factors in choosing a phone.

Clearly this phone is about style and not productivity but we still recommend checking it out in the pictures below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


gresso-cruiser-titanium-2 gresso-cruiser-titanium-3 gresso-cruiser-titanium-4