Ha Phuong International Music Artist

Ha Phuong Spotted in New York

International Music Singer Comes To USA

If you are into following global trends, especially within the music scene, then an interesting one to check in on is Ha Phuong. This talented female musician turned actor has been able to become popular across the world and create new business opportunities everywhere she goes. Although she is in New York at the moment, she has been quite busy over seas! Starting in Vietnam and major cities such as Saigon, she and her two sister were able to become major music sensations with the opportunity to perform all over the place. Some of her musical focus may be attributed to her father Tran Quang Hien who was also a musician. They were famous within the contemporary Vietnamese music scene. Not only did they become famous together, but also separately they had their own brands and fan bases.

Breaking Onto The World Scene

In her bio you can learn that, “From an early age, while growing up in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam’s largest and most bustling city – which set the cultural and economic pace for the country – Ha Phuong learned to dance and sing. She participated in the school, city, county, and culture center events and also performed throughout Europe. Along with live performances she has recorded many videos and albums, and her DVDs and CDs have consistently sold well, and continue to do so today, even though she no longer lives in Vietnam.”

Ha Phuong

Becoming an Internationally famous musician was not enough for her and she decided to break into the acting space. She was able to score a starring role in a movie titled “Ha Si Quan” which translates to Officer Cadet. She also won a second prize in several film festivals nationwide. In the US she has also collaborated with major productions such as Gioi Nghe Thuat Productions, Asia Entertainment, and Thuay Nga Productions.

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