Hands Down Best Video Game Villains of All Time

Villains may be the best part of video games. They provide the hero with challenges and obstacles and rarely disappoint. Just when you think you’ve beatenthe game, here comes the boss ready to go at it again. Some of these bosses are completely memorable, while some have fallen through the cracks of time. Here is a list of the best of the 90’s.

1. Bowser

Also know as King Koopa, Bowser was Mario’s nemesis throughout the series. With his army of goombas, he planned to rule the Mushroom Kingdom. This turtle-beast mutant kidnapped Princess Peach and hid her in a castle. Mario must battle through 8 worlds to save her.

2. Donkey Kong

This giant monkey just won’t leave Mario alone. In the 1994 Game Boy game Donkey Kong, based on an older arcade game, Mario must save Pauline from Donkey Kong. The barrel throwing begins and Mario climbs higher and higher to rescue his girlfriend.

3. Ganondorf

With world conquering goals, Ganondorf is a truly diabolical villain. This immortal is the main antagonist in the Legend of Zelda series. He has taken on many forms over the years to destroy Link and his various distressed damsels. Evil magic and Princess Zelda-stealing put him near the top of the list.

4. M. Bison

The final boss of Street Fighter II was M. Bison. His body would burst into flames as he leapt across the screen for his Psycho Cruncher attack. Several of the Street Fighter characters had personal vendettas against this would-be dictator. With his muscular physique and his awesome cape, M. Bison is a formidable adversary

5. Sephiroth

Long silver hair and a giant sword are just a part of the reason that Sephiroth is a master villain. He has a grudge against humankind and isn’t afraid to show it. After killing Final Fantasy VII’s heroine, gamers can’t wait until the ultimate face-off with this boss.

6. Sub-Zero

The first Sub-Zero, appearing in the very first Mortal Kombat game, was as evil as they come. He was a Cryomancer with the ability to generate and control the powers of ice. He attempts to kill Shang Tsung, but is eventually killed himself by Scorpion.
In the sequels, his younger brother takes the name and continues on his path.

7. Psycho Mantis

Maybe the craziest villain of all time, Psycho Mantis messes with the player mentally and physically. After being abused by his father and then taking on the traits of a serial killer, you don’t have to wonder as to why this bad guy is so insane. Not only does he fly around the room and antagonize the gamer, but he reads your memory card and talks to you as if he knows you.

8. Dr. Robotnik

Capturing little woodland creatures and throwing in his mechanical devices was Dr. Robotnik’s specialty. He has been Sonic’s arch nemesis for years, but he always seems to get away.

9. Heihachi Mishima

This martial arts expert is the original King of the Iron Fist Tournament. He has appeared in every Tekken game in the series and has appeared twice as a final boss. With fantastic moves and a disturbing family history, this final boss isn’t one to be toyed with.

10. Ripto

Possibly the cutest villain ever, Ripto is Spyro the Dragon’s evil nemesis. He is a wizard and a trouble-maker who wants to enslave all of Avalar. Along with his dim-witted sidekicks, he plans to rule the world.

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