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Heineken has come up with an ingeniously entertaining series called Dropped. It is a part of their Voyage campaign which you can watch online. They take people from the far stretches of the world including Madrid and USA and then retroplant them somewhere completely different. For one of the mini-episodes they brought a guy to Alaska and ultimately he ends up being able to relax on a boat and drink a Heineken. The guy had asked to go to a warm place and then was dropped in the snow and had to figure out where to go.

Check out Heineken Dropped and watch some of the episodes. The guy dropped in Morocco was also quite funny where he all of a sudden goes from realizing he is on a ship in water and freaking out to having a great time riding through the desert with a pretty woman.


Another entertaining thing that Heineken did is having the random people they selected at an airport to be chosen for a random vacation based off of a roulette button they press to see what they get.

Perhaps the best way to understand the show and how clever it is check out the video below:

How can you engage with them more online? Get special packs of Heineken and redeem the codes to play online games and go on a digital journey around the world.

Ready to check out everything online? Watch some videos and connected on Twitter using the hashtag: #dropped  

Find some recent activity by searching twitter for that hashtag here: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23dropped&src=typd

voyage roulette button by Heineken in Airports offering people chance to win a vacation to an unknown destination

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