Hop Suitcase Follows You Around Airport

If you’ve every been through an airport you know firsthand how difficult the whole process can be. Having to fight your way through the crowds will carrying around your heavy baggage is no easy or fun task. Well a new company is aiming to make the process a little easier with the all new Hop Suitcase. The Hop suitcase is a new type of baggage which will follow you around an airport completely wireless and hands free. The device is named after ‘bellhops’, a word used to describe those people who used to pull your bags around hotels. The inventors of this bag had this to say about it on their website:

“The suitcase contains three receivers that are able to receive, identify and triangulate different signals coming from the user’s cell phone. A microcontroller interprets these signals calculating the phone’s position regarding to the suitcase. The same microcontroller operates a caterpillar system based on compressed air, which follows the user at a constant distance.”

And if you lose the bag or it gets too far away to sense the signal, the bag is set to automatically lock itself. I don’t see how this would work in a busy airport, and I imagine it would be quite annoying having to always look behind you to see if it’s there. Either way check out the video of the back in action below and let us know what you think about it.


Signed, Isidori Mtabo

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