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How Do You Know If Your Company’s Social Network Is Worth It?

Social media and its relevance:

Many companies have started their own social media network. Some of these companies don’t have a strategy and they were simply driven by a “me too” reaction towards their competitor’s move to market themselves through social media. It is important for an organization to evaluate its marketing objectives and analyze the impact of using such platforms.

What are your objectives?

Before you can analyze the impact of social media on your brand, you need to establish your objectives. You may use social media to interact with your customers, in order to understand their concerns. It can help an organization complement their research by having more intimate and engaging discussions with its customers. This platform may also be used to sell products directly or indirectly. An organization may extend their customer care to include social media. Discussions held on social media can help an organization identify the source of a misunderstanding about a product or service.


It is quite easy to analyze traffic from social media. Whether you have a simple blog or a big Ecommerce website, you can determine how much traffic is coming from your Facebook or Twitter page. Impact may be compared to the number of followers and fans on the page, to determine the impact of the content that you use. The proportion of fans to traffic can be used to determine if the content is relevant to followers and fans on social media.


Traffic is not the only important indicator; how the traffic converts in terms of sales must be analyzed. This is important as it may help the company rethink their strategy and make a greater impact on their customers. This may prompt the organization to research the cause of low conversion rate.

Number of followers and participation:

Keeping track of followers is another way to determine if your social media network is relevant to your customers. There are tools that can keep track of users as they come in or leave your network. If a high number of users leave at a certain time, it may be an indicator of issues that were not properly addressed at certain times. Many platforms make it possible to see the number and percentage of users, participating in the conversations.


Traffic, conversion and user participation, will have to be compared with the total cost of running the social media network. The resources that were put aside for the social media campaign should not exceed the benefits.

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